Stiles Support Service

I believe in managing risk as a way to control your insurance costs. Rather than TELL you how much I believe in it I have created the Stiles Support Service to SHOW you! What is your current insurance broker doing for you, have they earned your business?

Here is how the Stiles Support Service works.

If you are involved in an auto accident or work comp incident call 702 614 3800. They will dispatch someone to come to you within an hour. An independent 3rd party will:

  • Take pictures
  • Capture witness names and contacts as well as statements
  • Diagram the incident

This is a complete independent service from my agency or the insurance company. As an independent 3rd party it can be useful to expedite the claims process. It also provides the possibility to diminish the allegations and initial demand from opposing parties.

The claims department or attorneys if necessary may find this information useful in supplementing their own findings.

Financial Planning/Wealth Management

We offer a FREE analysis and review of your assets and determine outcomes given multiple investment opportunities using forecasting models. The review is FREE of charge and performed by a Certified Financial Planner.

This is one of many reasons that service is OUR policy!