What keeps your customers coming back? You might have earned a regional following for your gastropub’s sublime duck-fat fries. Maybe they can’t resist the authentic Vietnamese dishes served at your family’s second-generation restaurant. Perhaps your food truck’s lobster rolls remind everyone of summer in Maine.

Whatever your culinary specialty, you want to keep an “OPEN” sign in your restaurant’s window — and you can help protect your business with superior coverage if the unexpected threatens to close your kitchen.

We are small business owners like you, and understand challenges small businesses may face. We discuss business insurance options as you choose coverage for your restaurant or food truck. These are just some ways you can tailor a policy to help manage typical risks:


A grease fire ignites in a flash and spreads quickly through your stove’s exhaust hood and flue duct.

Restaurant property insurance can help when fire, vandalism or other unforeseen disasters cause damage to your restaurant.

A customer suffers from food poisoning after a meal prepared by your food truck.

Restaurant liability insurance can help cover costs when the food or drink you serve is responsible for accidents, mistakes or injuries.

An employee forges your signature on a company check that is cashed by a third party.

Restaurant crime insurance can help with losses from robbery, fraud, forgery or theft.

A busy waiter scalds his leg when he trips and falls under a tray of hot drinks.

Workers’ compensation insurance can help with medical costs and related lawsuits when employees are hurt on the job.

Customized coverage for restaurants and food trucks

There are many coverage options designed for restaurateurs — including:

  • Equipment breakdown coverage can help when a covered equipment failure causes damage or lost income.
  • Spoilage insurance can help if food spoils when a refrigerator breaks or the power goes out.
  • Food contamination shutdown insurance can help with income lost when you’re forced to close for contamination — and it may even assist with the costs of complying with required fixes.
  • Business auto insurance can help with the cost of repairs and medical care when your delivery vehicle or food truck is responsible for an accident.

Working to build strong customer relationships

Are you shopping for coverage, or do you have a question about your policy? Maybe you’re ready to get a restaurant or food truck insurance quote. Let us deliver personalized service and support.

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